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Hey everybody. Just wanted to let you all know that I started school on Monday. Things are going pretty well. It is really different than actually being in a class but I like it pretty well.


Thoughts about Easter

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As Easter quickly approaches my thoughts have been turned that way. I guess there is no other holiday that brings such strong emotion into one’s spiritual life as Easter does. There are the gut wrenching ones that I feel as I think about the agony that Jesus must have faced as he struggled with the burden of what His Father required that He do. Isaiah tells us that he never opened His mouth though. He never said “Father I am not going to do this, He just said Father, if it be your will, is there some other way? (Let this cup pass from me) To often we face our trials with an attitude so opposite of that of Christ’. We have the attitude of “Lord it is your will that you take this trial away so hurry up and do it! I cannot imagine the weight of a burden so heavy that I would sweat great drops of blood. But then again, I have never had the world’s sins on my heart either. I know that my sins alone were a burden so heavy that I felt a load lifted off when they were eradicated! The world has so blinded people today though to thinking that the dark side is cool. Sin is not cool. It is no wonder Jesus didn’t answer His accusers. He could see their sin and the darkness of it even as Pilot washed his hands to free his conscience, Jesus could see at that moment that even though Pilot was actually condemning Him, he was actually putting together the finishing touches for God’s plan of salvation to reach the utermost parts of the world with the Gospel.
That is why we also have the emotion of joy and utter giddyness at the fact that Jesus arose. In the darkest of times when Jesus’ disciples thought that they had lost there best friend, when many of them felt that they had betrayed Him and saw Him die without ever asking for His forgiveness, when the thought that they had angered God crossed their minds as they looked for shelter during the earthquake after Jesus died. Victory was beginning to take place. Jesus was probably shaking the gates of Hell and taking the keys of death, Hell, and the grave. Hebrews tells us that Jesus had to “taste death” so that he would know how to completely represent man to God (a mediator).
The story doesn’t end there though. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead! If there is not one story in the Bible that is more foundational to our Christian beleif than the fact that after Jesus died he rose again! He is alive today! What a powerful thought to think that I serve a God today who is alive and well and is ready to help me in time of need. I trust everyone will have a blessed Easter because as the angels proclaimed to those at the tomb “He is not here He is risen” let us remeber that He IS HERE WITH BECAUSE HE IS RISEN AND WE CAN HAVE FREEDOM IN HIM! DONT LET THE WORLD STICK A PRICE TAG ON YOU OR YOUR RELIGION!

Indiana Motorcycle Expo and Craigslist

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This past Saturday I went to the Indiana Motorcycle Expo and looked at all the bikes that were there. They were also having the Indiana Bike Build-off. There was so many people there. It was like a salmon trying to go upstream. After that was over I had a guy call me about an e-mail I had sent him concerning a power supply that he was wanting for a computer. I went to his house and ended up trading him a computer with no hard drive for a nice bass guitar and small amp. I thought it was a pretty good trade. Here is a pic of one of my favorite bikes at the show.


Monster Jam

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This past Saturday evening I went to Monster Jam at the RCA Dome. It was the finals for the Monster trucks before they go to Vegas for the Nationals. This was the first time I had ever been to one and I really enjoyed it here are a few pictures.





Quote for the day

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It’s easier to go to a consistent extreme, than to stay in the center of biblical tension.

-Robertson McQuilkin-

Back to the Grind again.

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Well thanksgiving has passed a long time ago and the Christmas break is over. No more traveling from here to yon to see relatives no more overeating on all the delicious food and sweets that we say we aren’t going to eat this year. It always happens though doesn’t it? No more presents to open or presents to wrap. I know. I always feel a little down after Christmas. It was all good though. I always get way too much for Christmas because I always think of those that have so much less. God is good isn’t He. Today starts a new year though. A year full of suprises, fun, disappointments, laughter, growing, learning. It sounds like a lot but I guess that’s why we take it one day at a time. Last night we brought in the new year with our good friends Jon and Nicki. Thanks for a good time you guys. Today I spent time painting this computer room black. Yes! Black! It looks really good! I wasn’t sure is I would like it or not but I really do. Here are a few pictures of Thanksgiving and Christmas and a lot that happened in between.














Don’t Puke

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I don’t know why this particular subject is bugging me so much but it is and I want to tell you how I feel. To be honest I got some good laughs over it today. Today around town there were several places that were offering the drive up flu shot. Basically you pay your $25 and hang your arm out the window while someone with a needle comes up and sticks you in the arm and shoots a load of dead flu virus into your body. In my opinion this is a bunch of media hype and scam to help the drug world make more money. I do realize that the flu is a serious virus but at the same time the reason that people are so hyped up about this flu shot is that they are afraid of some big pandemic of the flu breaking out. I’m not a history buff by any means but we haven’t had a flu pandemic in the US for probably a hundred years! More than likely it has been around since the fall of man! This is also part of the bird flu hype. I don’t know about you but how many birds do you come in contact with in a week? (Food doesn’t count because it’s cooked.) Not very many but yet people are lining up for this shot by the thousands. I remember the days growing up when you puked in a bowl or toilet till you cried and mom or dad would give you a glass of water to get the taste out of your mouth and you would have a nice warm rag on your forehead to help break the fever. You were also piled under blankets to help take away the chills and you were put on a steady diet of crackers and soup (if you could even keep that down). After all this you hoped that the flu would go away in a few days and sometimes if you were lucky you would get the 24 hour flu.
The media coverage of all this is funny too. How and why do you make one of the top stories in the news a story about people getting shots? I just don’t get it. One of the guys that was interviewed today said this. “This is really cool because last year we had to walk all the way around the building and wait in line for an hour and a half”. After this the news reporter pipes in and say’s “Some people din’t want to wait in long car lines so they were here early”. Another lady then starts saying “I was here at five thirty this morning so I would be sure to get my shot because I have asthma and ? and ? and so I want to be sure that I don’t get the flu!”
Needless to say this story bugged me today so as the truck drivers came into work today I was telling them about this story and as they left I would remind them to GO GET YOUR FLU SHOT. NOT!